Well then this is embarrassing...

I think originally this was going to be a much more consistent blog than it has been. I know that the dear Constant Reader has been chomping at the bit for more updates from me.


So for lack of a better topic I am going to wax poetic (likely without well crafted language) on how Promises work, and why Drupal is so satisfying to use in this regard.


Hail Dragon Mallon

A 40 minute sketch to the Hail Mary Mallon album "Bestiary"

Blog Post 2: Electric Boogaloo

This is the second blog post, written somewhat later than the first, and published quite a bit after that. It's a weird thing, to be able to write down your thoughts and then come back to them after a few minutes, hours or days. It lets it get cleaned up and in a few cases refined into something actually worth talking about. Being able to correct the vast and dissonance-inducing spelling and grammar also helps.

Being distracted by about a thousand Acquia related culture things is also bad for producing consistent and well-written blog posts. \


An update

From the local.

So the purpose of this website will be my own personal blog of my journey into drupal. With the exception of the automatic "Now You're Thinking with Drupal" post that comes with every website, I am going to keep some sort of log for every single post on here. I may consolidate the two youtube videos to a single video for later, just for cleanliness.


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